Energy Efficient 100% Blackout

Develop an ideal sleeping environment with room-darkening bedroom curtains, which block out nearly all sunlight and supply optimal privacy. They’re also energy efficient and help in regulating temperature level.


Blackout Curtains & Drapes

Blackout drapes let you control the light and heat that enters your room, while still letting you deal with trendy design.

Whether its motion picture time, nap time or you just require a break from the glaring sun, blackout window drapes make the ideal option to your shade-seeking requirements. Readily available in our best-in-class range of designs, you make sure to discover simply the drapes that match your design.

Enhance the appearance of your house with Blackout Curtains from iDZ! Room Darkening Curtains are ideal for providing your living area a personalized, unique look, as well as keep your house cooler by limiting the amount of sun that can enter each space.

We have all the blackout drapes window treatment designs you make certain to enjoy.

Desire to prevent extra lighting from seeping into your living bedroom, dining, or room space?

Have an ideal relaxing interior with our large variety of blackout drapes best for eliminating unwanted light and decreasing sound in any room.

Whether you are in favour of eyelet blackout curtains or pencil pleat blackout drapes our range of styles and fabrics such as silk and chenille curtains to call a couple of will suit all houses and window frames.

Baby Space Curtains

Make sure young children and infants get calming sleep in their spaces too with nursery blackout curtains and kids blackout drapes our infant and nursery curtains will suit all kinds of styles and are ideal to stay out the light and cold whilst lowering sound.


Blackout drapes are window treatments with a unique stretch of product sewn to the back of each panel or Single blackout panel. These curtains look like any other sets; they offer light-blocking, slight sound abeyance and temperature level control.

You can draw or open blackout drapes just like you would any other curtains, but when they’re closed, they keep the light out of the room entirely.


If you like the blackout feel, but already have drapes you enjoy. We can convert your curtains into blackout drapes giving you the very same result, so you can constantly have the ambiance you yearn for.

With the fast and easy installation, you’ll have blackout conditions that are customized fit to your requirements.

Styling Idea: We recommend layering your blackout curtains with sheers. After you wake up and open your blackout curtains, the sheers will give you a little bit of privacy and plenty of light.



Decorating the place where you live is a process of love as we all know our home represents us, especially when someone visits our house. Curtains play an essential role in making up your rooms look stunning and exquisite. Choosing the suitable curtains that go well with the interior of your place is a hectic process.

However, if you want to make your room look gloomy and dark by blocking all the sunlight from the windows, you need to buy blackout curtains in Dubai. We all must be aware of the weather of Dubai; it’s hot. Right? Therefore, the blackout curtains in Dubai work perfectly for giving your room the exquisite look you desire

You don’t need to be concerned about where you can find the blackout curtains in Dubai as we are here to guide you in the best way possible to let you know more about these stunning curtains, along with where you can find the perfect quality blackout blinds in Dubai.

Are there any other benefits of blackout curtains besides blocking the sunlight?

Yes, the blackout curtains in Dubai not just block the sunlight to give your room an exquisite look but protects your home from the UV rays of the sun that usually harms the interior color and furniture. Protecting the place where you live is everyone’s priority, and these curtains are the most suitable for that thing.

After reading all these benefits, you must be concerned about the cleaning of these blackout curtains in Dubai. Throw all your concerns away as we offer the most delicate blackout curtain cleaning in Dubai. Curtains usually have a lot of dust as they block all the dust and light coming from the outside, and keeping them clean is a hectic process. Thus, we can help you live with clean and shiny curtains.

Where to find cheap blackout curtains in Dubai?

Finding good quality curtains is challenging nowadays as most companies do not deliver what they promise, but you don’t have to be worried if you buy blackout curtains in Dubai from us. We can provide you the blackout curtains online in UAE made from the best quality material so that you can give your place a look you desire at the most affordable pricing brackets.

Are there any colors available in the blackout curtain category?

After reading all the mentioned information about the blackout curtains, you might be thinking that they only come in black color, but this is not the case. Understandably, not every interior of the room goes right with the black color. Therefore, the blackout curtains do come in white and other stylish-looking colors.

And yes, every color works perfectly as they are made from the material that helps block the sunlight and give your room a look you always wanted.


Are you concerned about whether you should get blackout curtains for your place or not? No need to be hassling around anymore searching for them as the following article has all the information you need about the blackout curtains.

Moreover, you can also get the best quality blackout curtains in Dubai from us at the most affordable prices. Cut down all the hassles and decorate your home the way you want.