Roman Tone & Roman Blinds

  • Custom materials for every single taste
  • Fabric tones with the appearance of drape
  • The product folds effortlessly accordion style
  • Lots of choices of products and patterns
  • Stylish feel, basic construction
  • Insulated, darkening, filtering or sheer


Roman shades are a special kind of window covering similar to other blinds While they act as a way to filter light and create personal privacy like any other window covering, there are a few key differences that make them a fantastic option for low-key, yet advanced houses.

  • Roman blinds work by raising and lowering panels of product utilizing a quality contemporary side chain control headrail system. They can be leading ceiling repaired or face repaired to either the wall surface or the window frame.
  • When you draw these tones, most designs keep a flat material area. Just the drawn part folds, so you can continue to see the texture or pattern of your material.
  • The folds handle the look of a pleat. Folds are uniform and tuck under the front panel of the shade.
  • If you pull the shade up all the method, you can produce the look of a valance. A valance is a boodle or panel that crowns a window covering. The valance appearance developed by Roman shades is usually a swag style.

Made to measure roman blinds

We offer a made to determine service at chosen stores if you have actually not yet discovered the ideal roman blinds to fit your windows. With thousands of materials to select from in a variety of patterns and colours, you’ll get the perfect fit with our made to determine service.

Measuring for your roman blinds could not be easier, and you’ll have the ended up item in a month– a useful yet elegant addition to your decoration.

Practical blackout blinds.

Practical roman blinds do not have to be basic and plain. We offer blackout roman blinds that come in different fabrics with patterns and stripes to match your existing decoration. An excellent alternative to drapes, our blackout roman blinds feature a thick lining to stay out the light when you require to and supply an added layer of insulation, keeping you tucked up in bed for longer when you need some additional shut-eye.

We have the biggest collection of Roman blinds made to determine with only premium fabrics. Quality stitching ensures that the line of made to determine roman blinds we produce in Dubai and offer directly are perfect in regards to surfaces. Consumers can select the control system, either cable or chain operated, the back lining a choice between standard, blackout and thermal lining. Simply get a quote by sending us the width and drop of the window to attain the optimum covering of that room window.

As far as style goes there is no limit worrying the total look of our made to determine roman blinds. Now the wow factor is available in from plain to a pattern, striped to a floral, geometrically influenced shapes to theme influenced styles all are offered. To interest all tastes and spending plans too, we strive to bring forth low-cost roman window blinds that are of high quality and made to determine to your supplied specifications.

Top down bottom up, cordless, motorized and all levels of a room darkening make the roman shade one of the most popular and versatile window treatments. Roman shades can be joyful and brilliant or can effortlessly blend in to create a relaxed and comfy atmosphere.


Considering that Roman blinds fold in the design of a valance, you can set them up with other window coverings quite quickly for layered appearances. This imparts the appearance of custom blinds without the wait.

  • Hang the shade you desire to utilize as your last layer for light purification or privacy closest to the window. That way, when you bring up your Roman shade, you’ll see this choice instead. This need to be your most large layer.
  • Mount the Roman shade over the sheer base layer. At Pottery Barn, Roman tones have a blackout layer developed into the back of the shade, so you can look after all your light filtration with this layer.
  • These shades work best installed inside the window, so ensure you have sufficient space to hang two layers. If not, curtains can conceal the overhang.
  • Curtains or drapes end up the appearance. Hang them from a rod that you set up on or over your window frame.


You have many options and it can be challenging to narrow down your choices to just a handful. While they are a perfect covering for windows, roman shades for French doors or sliding glass doors likewise have a fantastic appearance.

Budget friendly

Here at IDZ, we provide cheap Romans in price only. When everyone is raising their costs because they’re a popular option, we prefer to offer discount Roman Blinds. so everyone, no matter their spending plan, can take pleasure in the sophistication of these products. A fantastic alternative to drapes, our blackout roman blinds include a thick lining to keep out the light when you require to and offer an added layer of insulation, keeping you tucked up in bed for longer when you need some additional sweet sleep.